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Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.


  • Tom and Cindy Hoy
    Tom and Cindy Hoy
    "We want to make an impact," said Cindy Hoy with her husband, Tom. "That's just part of who we are. We want to influence and impact the world we live in."
  • Brian Hayer
    Brian Hayer
    Brian Hayer did everything right. He stayed active and considered himself very fit, working out every day and eating healthy.
  • Dick and Jane Bohy
    Dick and Jane Bohy
    As Dick Bohy likes to put it, "In 1974, Lyle Schroeder, Chief Administrator of Sioux Valley Hospital, took a chance...
  • Lavina Sankey Kemp
    Lavina Sankey Kemp
    Lavina Sankey Kemp, a graduate of the Sioux Valley School of Nursing, Class of 1955, did an act of vision and foresight...
  • Establishing a Legacy of Ethics at Sanford
    Establishing a Legacy of Ethics at Sanford
    Norma DeGroot's support of ethics at Sanford began nearly two decades ago when she established an endowment dedicated...

IRA Rollover

  • Gary & Kathy Conradi
    Gary & Kathy Conradi
    Gary and Kathy Conradi have been avid supporters of the Sanford Health Foundation for more than thirty years...

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

  • Richard and Judy Herting
    Richard and Judy Herting
    Richard Herting grew up across the street from Sioux Valley Hospital long before it became the Sanford USD Medical Center.
  • Dr. T.A. and Maureen Schultz
    Dr. T.A. and Maureen Schultz
    Anyone visiting the wall of history in the Concourse at Sanford USD Medical Center, with its timeline of significant...

Gifts Of Real Estate

  • Fred & Adeline Gassen
    Fred & Adeline Gassen
    What happens when a child has to be alone in the hospital, when parents have a ranch and other children to care for?